Company profile

The establishment Special Medical Technology Co. Ltd. (shortened SMT) is an all-Czech projecting and manufacturing firm, based mainly on the expert knowledge and experience that the promoters of the firm gained during the past two decades.
The firm is owned by seven shareholders that are its employees at the same time. Besides that, there are some other employees in the commercial department, and about 25 contractual salesmen for home market and six others for the foreign market.
The firm orientation and operation is the development and designing, manufacturing, sale and service of ELECTROSURGERY and CRYOSURGERY systems, instruments, tools and accessories for various medical specializations, including the special accessory equipment for dentistry, as well as the parallel line of equipment for veterinary surgery.
The firm manufactures and has an international certificate conformable with the standard of the European Council Guidelines 93/42 EEC.
The notified body is the ELECTROTECHNICAL TESTING INSTITUT – EZÚ Prague. The firm products hold the Mark of conformity CE 1014.
The establishment Special Medical Technology Co. Ltd. is the only manufacturer of the ELECTROSURGERY and CRYOSURGERY instruments in the Czech Republic.
The Quality System is managed in compliance with international standard EN ISO 13485:2003. The SMT´s professional products are noted for their high quality, multi-purpose utility, safety, but also for their favourable price and accessible service. Another significant feature is a set of instruments and other accessories that reduces the budget of a Czech user.

The credo of the firm is to equip physicians with the modern, high quality instruments of high utility value and the reliable service, and that all for reasonable and accessible price. Thus, the firm collaborates with the Czech and also foreign physicians on the development of such instruments for CRYOSURGERY and ELECTROSURGERY.