A handy devices designed for almost any cryosurgical treatment with liquid nitrogen. Cryosprays makes the LN2 treatment safe, easy and painless. All the instruments included are reusable. There are three models available in different volumes: 0.2l, 0.3l and 0.5l with spraying tips and practical stand included. Cryosurgical sets are available, as a whole solution for treatment, LN2 storage, transport and spray refill.

Non-electric device Cryospray CS1 is safe and efficient alternative to the aplication of liquid nitrogen by cotton swab, with great advantages:
– Much higher freezing power and efficiency
– Safe and almost painless treatment
– Minimal the risk of post operative infection
– Faster operation time
– Lower looses of  LN2

Safety and efficiency of this method is declared for example by the study below:
Kwok CS, Gibbs S, Bennett C, Holland R, Abbott R. Topical treatments for cutaneous warts. Cochrane Database
Syst Rev. 2012 Sep 12;(9):CD001781. doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD001781.pub3.;


Product variants:

CS1 CS1/3 CS1-SM
Volume: 0.5l 0.3l 0.2l
Weight (empty): 470g 420g 350g
Dimensions D x h: 70mm x 300mm 70mm x 250mm 60mm x 200mm
Standard jets/tips: SJ4, SJ6, SJ8,SJ10, ST6 SJ4, SJ6, SJ8, SJ6


Standard jets and tips: