SMT BM M is digitall controlled electrosurgical unit, manufactured in Czech Republic.

this device is small and powerfull digital controlled ESU, with 400W of maximum power and 7 basic operation modes, both on monopolar and bipolar output. A reasonable solution for general surgery or specialist, obtainable in 6 max. power variants.


– compatibility with wide range of instruments
– easy switching between monopolar and bipolar mode using footswitch or handpiece
– heavy duty pneumatic footswitches
– low weight, compact design allowing easy cleaning
– efficient cooling system allowing long operation on high power
– 12 programmable user settings
– continous neutral plate monitoring and connector LED indicator
– favourable warranty and service conditions

General and output parameters

Supply voltage – 230 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions – 310x290x80 mm
Weight – 5,7 kg
Appliance class – II
Maximum output power – 400 W
Max. output power variants – 150W, 200W, 260W, 300W, 360W a 400W
Output frequency– 460 kHz

Standard accessories

1 power cord
2 cut/coag handpiece
3 bipolar forceps
4 neutral electrode cord
5 doublefootswitch
6 single footswitch
7 silicone neutral electrode
8 six monopolar instruments selectable by the customer
All standard accessories is reusable, set can be modified on request