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KCH 450

The system SMT KCH 450 Automatic, is an all-Czech cryocauter developed by our firm, with the automatic control of all operating parameters, namely the pre-selection of the optimum cooling temperature. The system itself adjusts and selects the optimum parameters by the integrated circuits, pursuant to the incorporated program based on the wide experience of its designers and clinical trials. Thus, a physician does not have to search for an appropriate program and adjust its parameters on the control panel. The weight of the automatic control unit is 3,5 kg only.

The cryosurgery system KCH 450 Automatic is automated in such a way that, during intervention, the physician only presses down the foot operated controller (safe, pneumatic). All other necessary steps are controlled by the system itself. The physician only has to choose the right type and size of the operating probe, and the time of exposure. The system is programmed at the optimum temperature of operation. The inlet of liquid nitrogen is automatically adjusted to keep the very low (i.e. efficacious) temperature of operation during the intervention. The temperature and time of the intervention are displayed on the monitor. Prior reading operation instructions (and also information about the choice of an operating probe) saves the time during the intervention.

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Minimal operating temperature190 °C
Freezing power200 W
Freezing rate1300°C/min
Freezing mediumliquid nitrogen
Working pressure45 kPa
Power source220-230 V/50-60 Hz

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